Transit of Saturn

by Production Unit Xero

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Waveform Modulations is proud to present, Production Unit Xero's new album, "Transit of Saturn". Thirteen musical compositions arranged in the chronological order they were written. Inspired by ancient mysteries and incorporating modern technologies, each song has it's own story and a depth of content to experience.

Described by Ramon Mills (Production Unit Xero) as a "a good follow up to Arete and .EXE, it falls right in between them."

Music written and produced by Ramon Mills
Cover Art by Ramon Mills

Production Unit Xero .EXE

further info on the subject, Saturn


Astronomically speaking:

Saturn transits are viewed with great interest and respect. The date of Saturn's departure from Libra and entrance into Scorpio is November 2, 2014.


The Planet:

Saturn's prominent ring system consists of nine continuous main rings and three discontinuous arcs. A hexagonal wave pattern, located in Saturn's north polar vortex at about 78°N, was first noted in Voyager images. Approx. Sixty known moons orbit the planet; not including hundreds of moonlets. Titan, Saturn's largest Moon and the second largest moon in the Solar System, is larger than than Mercury and retains a substantial atmosphere.


Historical reference of Saturn in mythology:

The Romans conflated their deity Saturn (Latin: Saturnus) with the Greek deity Cronus. Saturn was a large aspect of Roman religion. Saturn was the God of "time", i.e., calendars, seasons, and harvests—the personification of "Father Time", wielding the harvesting scythe.

This Roman variant, Saturn, has had a large influence on Western culture. The seventh day of the Judaeo-Christian week is called in Latin Dies Saturni ("Day of Saturn"), which in turn was adapted and became the source of the English word Saturday. In astronomy, the planet Saturn is named after the Roman deity.

In between the fall equinox and winter solstice, cultures once celebrated the feast of the ancestors called Samuin or Samhain. Called Hallowe’en in English, the celebration was reason to remember the ancestors, in addition, the hills of the fairies and elves were open, allowing contact with the world beyond.

This popular winter festival became an established custom in Rome, Greece, Egypt, and throughout Europe. The period of the winter solstice was a time of great revelry and festivity. Saturnalia was a festival in honor of the god Saturn, "the hidden one." Saturn was another name for Nimrod.

Rome was once known as Saturnalia, "the city of Saturn". In the Chaldean mysteries the Babylonian Nimrod was deified as Saturn. A giant among the Adamites, Nimrod, was said to be enormous and was able to tear a lion or bull apart with his hands, wearing the horns of the bull on his head as sign of his might.

Etymology connects the name, Saturn, with Etruscan word Satre. In Roman art mature satyrs are often depicted with goat's horns, while juveniles are often shown with bony nubs on their foreheads. Saturn is often depicted with horns, as was Moses, Alexander the Great, Emperor Shen Nung, and many other characters of legend.

Odin, or Woden, also connected with Saturn, and an early model for "Santa Claus", was the chief god of Norse mythology, dressed in a hat and cloak. From this association we get another name of a week day, Wednesday, or Woden's Day.

Depicted in Sumerian carvings and cave paintings of the Dogon as a Celestial body with a ring or crown well before the known advent of telescopes, the appearance and importance of Saturn in ancient Mythology and modern times provides an ever deepening mystery.

- (hodgepodge) article by EKL



released October 31, 2014

Music written and produced by Ramon Mills
Cover Art by Ramon Mills



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