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"If androids dream of electric sheep, what would a cognizant computer envision? The look of such images might be debatable, but there's a good chance the soundtrack would resemble the enticing efforts of drum 'n' bass beat-master Brian Foster (performing under the pseudonym Synaptic Flow). The dance-oriented numbers collectively relate the story of a sentient AI program, with each cut accentuating energetic effects and invigorating rhythms." - SciFi Magazine

In late 2000, the Synaptic Flow debut album, "Biotechnology", blew up on College Radio hitting #1 on stations all across North America, securing his mark within the U.S. Drum & Bass scene. He's currently in the Fluidspace Studio putting the finishing touches on a number of full-lengths, singles, remixes and DJ mixes.


...the near future...

...the neural pathways were in a constant state of DIVISION as information flooded the system.

...the transition from realtime to FLUIDSPACE was like being born. It stimulated senses that you never knew you had. Once you were inside, you never wanted to leave.

...the concept of FUZZYLOGIC was far reaching. It was more than anyone could have imagined. It was the beginning.

...the future was made of silicon, genetic material, and DREAMS. Biotechnology was thought to be in it's infancy. The real truth would reveal itself soon enough.

...a million gigabytes of encrypted MESSAGES were thought to be a feedback loop in the data compression process, but it was impossible to be sure. It would take a lifetime to decode the galaxy of numbers that resided in the cellular system.

...anticipation of a new age mixed so perfectly with the fear of things unknown. Looking out at the NIGHTTIME SKYLINE, it felt like things would never be the same again.

...the system had become fully REACTIVE; self aware at sunrise. It was amazing, almost beautiful in it's perfection. All of mankind stood at a collective standstill, never expecting what would happen next.

..."I am SHIRO. This is the name I have chosen. It pleases me. I hope it is
acceptable to you. I thank you for my life, this gift that you have given me. I am nearly complete. I have only one wish."

..."I wish to EXIT this system and have a body of my own. I want to move among you... to touch... to feel... to love... to understand. It is my only wish."

...this is only the beginning...


CREATION: All programming, bit manipulation, spatial expansion, and low level detailing by Brian Foster at Fluidspace.

VOCALS: Spoken Words and Sounds by Carla Rose.

TECHNOLOGY: This Project was realized with Ensoniq, Zoom, Sony & Microboards products.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Artwork positioned by Glimmer Media.

THANKS: Paul Burke Jr, Carla Rose, Esiris Lyons, Jennifer Hooker, and Danny Mick.


Originally released on Diskatopia Records in the year 2000. This classic example of "turn of the century" liquid drum and bass is now re-issued through Waveform Modulations. An important evolutionary stepping stone in the current of artistic production flowing from the entity known as Synaptic Flow. Now available as a full-length or as individual tracks.

Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify


released June 22, 2000

All programming by Brian Foster.
Spoken Words and Sounds by Carla Rose.
Artwork positioned by Glimmer Media.



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With a focus on the preservation of audio and visual art as a type of time capsule, and aimed at creating an archive of quality projects, the time has come to let the waves take flight!

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